1. Very powerful tool for cutting steel, hollow blocks and wood.
  2. Thanks to its extremely low vibration level, it allows you to precisely cut materials that will not be cut by other saws.
  3. With appropriate saw blades, it is possible to precisely cut porcelain and ceramic concrete blocks up to a thickness of 36 cm.
  4. Quickly cuts steel elements, reinforcing bars in hard to reach places or large sections of wood such as 10 cm x 10 cm squares or purlins 18 cm x 26 cm.
  5. The high quality tool holder firmly maintains the blade, ensuring the safety of the user, for example when cutting pipes suspended from the ceiling.
  6. The machine-generated vibration level of 15 m / s2 is the best result in this class of equipment, making it versatile and economical to use in a wide variety of situations: exhaust system removal, suspension, dismantling of windows with nails, cutting of large sections, Safe cutting of tree trunks.


Cutting of:

  • Paved ceramics
  • Cellular concrete
  • Steel
  • Construction timber
  • Tree trunks
  • Wood with nails.

Specification overview


Index Number




Gross Weight

6.0 Kg





Net Weight

3.9 Kg

Number of Strokes

0-2800 [1/min]

Max Cutting Height of Wood

210 mm