Any order or purchase of an item found in the online store of the website autolubumbashi.com requires prior consultation of these terms and conditions.

Therefore, the consumer acknowledges being fully informed that his agreement regarding the content does not require the handwritten signature of this document, to the sole extent that the customer wishes to order online.

The consumer has the option to save these conditions and this is his own responsibility.

The online shop autolubumbashi.com in place picks up and mentions the information relating to:

  • The legal mentions allowing a precise identification of the AUTO LUBUMBASHI Company.
  • The presentation of the essential characteristics of the proposed products.
  • The monetary indication of the price of the articles, as well as that of the delivery costs.
  • Payment and delivery terms.
  • The existence of a right of withdrawal or exchange of articles.
  • The validity period of the orders, the offer and the price.

About Integrality.

Art 1.     These general conditions of sale express the entirety of the obligations of all side, i.e. AUTO LUBUMBASHI and its customer.

The consumer must therefore accept without reservation all the provisions set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Art 2.     No addition whatsoever, general or specific, from the consumer may be incorporated into these general conditions of AUTO LUBUMBASHI, if it is incompatible with them.

About Object.

Art 3.     The purpose of these general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the online sale of goods and services offered to consumers by AUTO LUBUMBASHI.

About Contractual Documents.

Art 4.     The contract of sale or delivery is taken into account only after acceptance without reserve of the General Conditions of Sale and validation of the purchase order.

About Enactment and duration.

Art 5.     These General Conditions of Sale, purchase orders and invoices come into force only on the date of payment of the order.

Art 6.     The General Conditions of Sale are then concluded for a necessary duration going from the delivery of the goods and services subscribed until the expiry of the guarantee given by the AUTO LUBUMBASHI Company on the product.

About Order Confirmation.

Art 7.     Information relating to your order will be confirmed by e-mail or telephone.

However, we reserve the right to cancel your order if it contains one or more erroneous data, particularly those relating to price, description, image or unavailability of the item or product.

Art 8.     Orders have a limited validity period, 72 hours for orders placed by electronic means of payment such as credit cards or Paypal and 7 working days for means of payment such as checks and transfers.

After this period, the order will be automatically abandoned and the customer will have to place a new order.

In addition, for purchases known as: ‘Cash on delivery’, orders will be processed automatically within 24 hours maximum.

About Proof of transaction.

Art 9.     The computerized records, kept in AUTO LUBUMBASHI’s computer system under reasonable security conditions, will be considered as proof of communication, orders and payments between AUTO LUBUMBASHI and its client.

Art 10.   The archiving of purchase orders and invoices will be carried out over a period of 1 year and on a reliable and durable support, usable at any time as proof.

About Product information.

Art 11.   On its site, AUTO LUBUMBASHI Company presents in detail the articles to sell in order to allow the potential customer to know, before the final order, the essential characteristics of the products he wishes to buy.

Art 12.   In addition, it is the customer’s responsibility to look for additional information in order to verify that the part identified in the AUTO LUBUMBASHI database actually corresponds to the part sought and that it is well suited to the model of his vehicle.

Art 13.   AUTO LUBUMBASHI takes this aspect particularly into account. However, the photographs, texts, graphics, information and other characteristics reproduced illustrating the products are given as an indication; AL reserves the right to modify them without notice.

Art 14.   The offers presented by AUTO LUBUMBASHI are valid only within the limits of available stocks.

Art 15.  In case of unavailability of the product ordered in stock, AUTO LUBUMBASHI reserves the right to use and order the said product from its suppliers in order to deliver or offer a similar one. This will imply an additional processing time of up to 72 hours.

About Price

Art 16.   Prices are in US Dollars (USD) all taxes included, unless otherwise stated.

Art 17.  They do not take into account the delivery costs which are indicated to the customer before the validation of the order.

Art 18.   The invoiced price is the one in force at the time of the order, as it appears at that date on autolubumbashi.com.

Art 19.   These prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order.

Art 20.   At no time can the sums paid be considered as guarantees or advance payments.

Art 21.   All prices are subject to obvious typographical error. If an error occurs, autolubumbashi.com will then contact the customer as soon as possible to correct his error and will indicate that the order will be charged at the revised conditions.

Art 22.   However, the customer will reserve any right to cancel the order if the conditions do not correspond to him.

About Product availability.

 Art 23.   The products that autolubumabshi.com offers are available within 24 hours.

In addition, at the bottom of each product, the mention ‘in stock’ will always appear in order to stipulate the availability of the product.

Art 24.   The order will be executed at the latest within 24 Hours as soon as it is executed the moment it is placed.

Art 25.   In case of unavailability of the ordered product, the consumer will be informed as soon as possible and will have the possibility to cancel his order or to accept the possible replacement products offered or the new availability period.

The consumer will then have the choice to request either the refund of the sums paid, or the exchange of the product.

Art 26.   The refund will be made within a maximum of 5 days after informing customer service, either by phone on 00 243 995 60 22 22, or by email at the address info@autolubumbashi.com. The deadlines indicated on the site are updated daily. In some cases, the product may be temporarily unavailable at the time of order.

Art 27.   The times indicated are valid within the limit of one piece per order.

About Payment methods.

To pay his order, the consumer has his choice, all payment methods referred to at the end of the order form in the online store autolubumbashi.com.

if you have never placed an order on autolubumbashi.com, we suggest you open a private account that will allow you to manage your purchases and transactions.

Create your account.

  • To create an account, you only need an email address.

Your information will be stored on our secure server.

You can then access your account anywhere and anytime by clicking on ”my account” and insert your information.

Make sure you always enter the same email address and password.

  • Once you have created your account, you can:
  • Do your shopping freely,
  • View your order history,
  • Modify your orders or your basket,
  • Update your preferences and wish list,
  • Post and share your comments, suggestions and criticisms about our services, articles that interest you or those you have purchased.
  • In choosing your items, you will be offered, apart from adding them to your shopping cart or having more details, different options on the terms of delivery and payment.

About Payment terms.

After completing your order, simply go to the ‘payment‘ option and choose the mode that suits you best.

Autolubumbashi.com allows you to make your purchases by:

Art 28.   Bank transfer

It is also clearly stipulated that the company works particularly in partnership with two main banks of its commercial platform, namely RAWBANK and TRUST MERCHANT BANK TMB, whose details are transmitted to you on the order form.

Your order will only take effect after confirmation of the transfer by our bank. It will then be confirmed by e-mail or phone call.

Art 29.   By Cheques

In this case, the order is validated only once the check received at the physical address of the site Autolubumbashi.com

Art 30.   By Paypal

You can use the Paypal virtual wallet to buy without a direct link with your bank. You only need to link your bank account to your Paypal account once.

After creating an account on our site Autolubumbashi.com, you credit it with the desired amount through your bank account. The amount is available within xxxxxxx days.

Then each of your transactions is done without your credit card.

Art 31.   By credit card

For payment by credit card, indicate your card type.

This information on the front of your card must match the logo on our website Autolubumbashi.com. Then write it down:

v  Your card number. These are the 16 numbers grouped in series of 4 on the front of your card.

v  The expiry date of your card (Month and year)

v  The full name of the cardholder on the card.

v  A message should appear confirming that your transaction has been completed.

Art 32.   Cash on delivery payment

Your order is only taken into account when you receive a confirmation message by e-mail or telephone call.

It will be confirmed to you by the same occasion the possibility and the delivery time.

However, make sure you have the exact amount of the payment; our deliverymen are not provided with change.

About Delivery

Art 33.   Autolubumbashi.com delivers to all cities where it is already installed and operational (Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi), to the address provided by the customer when ordering.

Art 34.   Autolubumbashi.com therefore advises customers on the accuracy of the information provided.

Art 35.   Shipping charges are however free for any purchase where the total amount of the invoice is greater than 50 US Dollars.

In addition, they are fixed at 10 US Dollars for any invoice below 50 US Dollars.

Art 36.   Autolubumbashi.com commits to deliver the products ordered by the customer within a maximum of 3 days from the validation of the order.

Art 37.   No change of address during or after the shipment of the order can be taken into account.

Art 38.   However, during shipment, the customer may personally request a change of address directly from our services.

autolubumbashi.com reserves the right to validate or not the change after examination of the request.

However in any case of validation, autolubumbashi.com cannot be held responsible for any errors.

Art 39.   The processing time of an order consists on the one hand of the preparation time (verification of the customer’s data and preparation of the order); and on the other hand, the delivery time which varies according to the availability of items, destination…

Art 40.   In case of items available at different dates, the delivery time is based on the longest time; Except in cases of extreme urgency, autolubumbashi.com will defer deliveries.

Art 41.   In the event of a delivery delay of more than 10 days, the customer has the possibility to cancel his order by registered letter or by contacting our customer service online and by phone call.

Art 42. autolubumbashi.com then undertakes to refund the customer within 10 days.

Art 43.   For emergency cases in addition, autolubumbashi.com offers its customers the possibility to be delivered on Day D+1 on the sole condition that payment is made before xxx Hours so that the order is processed and validated on time.

Art 44.   For any order placed whose delivery time falls on a weekend or public holiday, delivery will be rescheduled for the 1st working day.

Art 45.   In the case of delivery to an incorrect address, a new delivery remains possible.

Art 46. autolubumbashi.com does not work with any partner in transport, it places however at the disposal of its customers its vehicles and its qualified personnel for the delivery and the distribution of the articles and couriers.

Art 47.   The customer is required to check the general condition of the package and make reservations with the carrier if necessary.

Art 48.   If a package is damaged on delivery, the customer has the right to refuse and reship it.

Art 49.   Any anomaly or error concerning the delivery (damage, incomplete product or missing part, breakage and damage…) must be reported within 2 Hours after delivery.

To our services by :

E-mail to our address info@autolubumbashi.com

Phone call to our number: +243 99560 2222

Art 50.   In case of non-receipt of a product, a delivery anomaly or a missing item, a survey will be conducted with our agents in charge of delivery on the one hand and agents in charge of receiving items on the other hand.

This operation can take a maximum of 7 days and in the meantime no exchange or refund is possible.

Art 51.   The absence of complaint or emission of reserves of delivery induces consequently the conformity of the product as for the expectations of the customer and could therefore not be the object of any subsequent dispute (except guarantee granted on the products).

Law of withdrawal, exchange or return.

In a concern for quality and customer satisfaction, autolubumbashi.com offers him, with regard to his online purchases, the right of withdrawal in the following terms:

Art 52.   The customer has the full right to withdraw from his order within 2 day after placing it or 1 day after validation thereof.

Art 53.   In case of withdrawal by the customer for any reason whatsoever, autolubumbashi.com will refund any payment received, including delivery charges, without undue delay, no later than 7 days from the date of your confirmation of cancellation of the current order.

Art 54.   autolubumbashi.com will refund the customer by the same means used by him; unless he expressly agrees a different means.

Art 55.   The said refund will not cause any costs for the customer.


Art 56.   After examination of the reason related to the forwarding of a product, autolubumbashi.com reserves the right to accept or refuse in the event that the product would be judged not in conformity with the standards of the presentation of the products in our buildings and stores.

Art 57.   The customer has a period of 3 days to return at his expense, the products ordered and delivered and this, only for valid reasons (damage, incomplete product or missing part, non-conformity…).

Art 58.   After receipt and verification of the returned item, autolubumbashi.com will refund the customer within a maximum of 5 days, by reallocation of the amount paid.

Art 59. autolubumbashi.com particularly informs that the right of withdrawal as provided by law, does not oblige it to take back the products, and even less in cases where the products have been damaged or damaged by the customer or which would be unfit for marketing.

Art 60.   Returns are not permitted for the following parts: mechanical or electrical tools, automotive accessories.

Art 61.   If the returned product does not reach us within the time and conditions provided, autolubumbashi.com reserves the right to refund.

Art 62.   After retraction of the customer or return of a product, if the customer wishes to buy the same product, this operation will be the subject of a different order to the first.


Art 63. autolubumbashi.com reassures its customers that all products marketed by its stores benefit from:

  • The legal guarantee of conformity.
  • The legal guarantee of hidden defects.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty, the duration of which differs according to the products and/or manufacturers.

Art 64.   Given the diversity of products and articles, autolubumbashi.com groups them into ranges or categories. This implies that each item category is subject to a different warranty; autolubumbashi.com then requests you to contact directly its customer service for details regarding the time and terms of warranties applied.

Art 65. Autolubumbashi.com reports warranties do not cover:

  • Abnormal use of the product,
  • Defects and consequences related to the improper use of the product, to the use for which the product is not intended,
  • The costs of removal and reinstallation of parts sold by Autolubumbashi.com which remain the exclusive responsibility of the customer including in the event of defect of the purchased part or in the event of error of choice of parts at the time of the order.
  • Damage resulting from failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The damage caused to the device by fire, explosion, provided that they originate in other goods than the device itself.
  • Damages involving liability of a third party or resulting of intentional or fraudulent misconduct.
  • Damage caused by malicious acts or a cause external to device: shock, fall, theft, lightning, fire, water damage, overvoltage, misuse, handling error, climatic variation, humidity leading to corrosion or abnormal heat…
  • Devices, whose serial number has been made illegible, altered or removed.
  • The tires

Art 66.   The legal guarantee of conformity does not apply or partially applies to the repair of damage resulting from an external cause or a fault of the customer. In any case, autolubumbashi.com cannot be held responsible in case of refusal to apply its guarantee for the reasons explained above.

To benefit from the guarantee of a product, it is imperative to provide us with the invoice of purchase, downloadable invoice on “my account” in your customer space without time limit and to make a request for return (see the conditions of guaranteed return).

Art 67.   In the event of return for repair on the product under guarantee, if the customer wishes to recover the part whose guarantee was refused, certain expenses will remain with its load in particular the expenses of sending or return, the expenses of file and the expenses of labour.

These fees will be payable in advance by credit card.

Art 68.   Beyond 60 days, any product not claimed by the customer will automatically become the property of the Company Auto Lubumbashi.com. Once the expertise is done and the warranty accepted auto lubumbashi.com will confirm by email or phone.

Art 69.   In no case does the warranty cover the costs of removal – rest, consumables, accessories, postage, breakdown service, immobilization of vehicles. Any intervention on the part, any bad assembly or any defect of development makes impossible the implementation of the guarantee. For the warranty to apply, the parts must be assembled in accordance with construction standards.

About Case of  Force majeure

Art 70.   Neither party shall have failed in its contractual obligations, insofar as their execution is delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or absolute necessity. Will be considered as fortuitous event or force majeure all facts or circumstances irresistible, external to the parties, unforeseeable, unavoidable, independent of the will of the parties and which cannot be prevented by the latter, despite all reasonably possible efforts.

The party affected by such circumstances will notify the other within 3 business days of the date on which it becomes aware of them. The two parties will then fix a period of 2 months, unless this is impossible due to force majeure, to examine the impact of the event and agree on the conditions under which performance of the contract will continue.

If the case of absolute necessity lasts longer than 2 months, these general conditions may be terminated by the injured party. Expressly, are considered as cases of absolute necessity or fortuitous events, in addition to those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the courts and tribunals of Lubumbashi: the blocking of means of transport or supplies, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning, nuclear incidents, the shutdown of telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to telecommunication networks external to customers.


About The applicable law


Art 71.   All disputes to which this contract may give rise, concerning its validity, interpretation, execution, termination, consequences and consequences shall be submitted to the competent courts under ordinary law. In case of dispute with professionals and/or traders the Lubumbashi courts will be competent.

Customer Information and Rights

Art 72.   The information requested from the consumer is necessary for the processing and execution of his order. The consumer can write to the company AL.com, to oppose such a communication, or to exercise his rights of access, rectification with regard to the information concerning him and appearing in the files of the company AL.com.

Art 73.   The Customer’s information will be for security reasons renewable every xxxxx years.

Commercial Offers

Auto Lubumbashi.com may send commercial offers to Customers by mail, e-mail, message or telephone call or via all animated web spaces or one of its subsidiaries on social networks, subject to prior acceptance. The Customer has the right at any time to object, free of charge, to his commercial prospecting mailings.


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