Efficient YATO combustion pump. Built in a steel frame to protect it from damage and facilitate transportation.

The pump is designed to pump large amounts of water.
The pump has an oil level sensor that stops the engine or will not start the engine if the engine oil is too low.
The upper connector serves as a water outlet, bottom as an inlet. Both hoses must be connected to the hoses using appropriate connectors to ensure complete tightness of the connections. Unleaded petrol with octane rating 93 should be used as fuel.

  1. Farming
  2. Mining
  3. For rescue work after accidents and natural disasters.

Specification overview


Index Number




Gross Weight

(kg) 33.00

Master Carton

MC 1

Maximum Lifting Height

[m] 30

Net weight

[kg] 28

Maximum capacity

[dm3 / h] 78000

Maximum Diameter of Dirt

[mm] 100

Connection diameter



[W] 4000

Maximum suction depth

 [m] 8

Type of internal combustion engine


Engine capacity

[cm3] 208

Fuel tank capacity

[L] 3.6

Oil tank capacity

[L] 0.6