A workshop burner designed for tanning, heating, various elements, e.g. during the assembly of tightly fitted parts of machines and devices, tanning small areas, heating, drying etc. technical works. The body, made of aluminum, protected with a rubber, heat-insulating coating, holds 60 ml of a propane-butane gas mixture, which allows it to work for about 90 minutes. The burner reaches a temperature of up to 1350 º C.
The device is equipped with an electronic ignition system.
Intended use / Application
For heating, tanning and drying.
Technical data

  • Symbol YT-6700
  • EAN 5906083967009
  • Brand YATO
  • weight (kg) 0.5000
  • Master Carton MC 24
  • Inner Box IB 6
  • Pal 288