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Cable Reel 30M – 1200W

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Number of sockets                     : 4
Extension type                            : Reel
Grounding                                  : Yes
Color                                         : Red
Length [m]                               : 30
Degree of protection [IP]        : 44
Wire cross section                  : 2.5
Number of veins [pcs]            : 3
Isolation type                         : RR-F
A professional extension cord useful in services, workshops and construction sites. Equipped with a metal frame on which a thick 10mm (3-wire) cable is wound. The cable has a thick rubber insulation. A rubber grip is mounted on the frame, which facilitates transport. 4-socket extension cable with earthing and self-closing lids that give the possibility of connecting several devices at the same time; also has a thermal fuse.