Electronic Soldering Station

  1. Professional Soldering Station equipped with a ceramic heat extinguisher and long-life bullet heads.
  2. The heater itself is characterized by extremely fast heating and cooling.
  3. The caverns in turn are resistant to mechanical and thermal damage.
  4. The station is equipped with a digital display and hot keys for soldering irons up to 200, 300 and 400 degrees Celsius and a scale change (degrees C / F) and buttons +/- to allow full temperature control.
  5. The soldering iron is connected to the soldering station using a very light and flexible wire in the silicone sheath. The stand on the flask with the soldering iron itself is a separate part of the soldering station, so that it can be freely set up at its discretion or need.
  6. The convenient position of the ON / OFF button is also important. We do not need to switch off the power supply at any time after the work has ended and the fuse is replaced quickly (in the event of a burnout, we get it without having to remove the housing, soldering stations).
  7. Thanks to the unique design of the flask we can also quickly change the crotch (the tip sets are available under other indexes in our shop).

Specification overview


Index number




Gross Weight (kg) 2.2500

2.25 KGS

Master Carton MC 4

MC 4

Power [W] 48

48 W

Head Dimension [mm] 7.1 * 65

7.1×65 [mm]

Max temp. Tip [° C] 450

450  [° C]