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Deluxe Aluminum Gloss

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Toyota Hilux VIGO
  • Bull Bar Deluxe Aluminum Finishing Gloss
  • Designed for models Toyota Hilux Vigo
  • This model outback Aluminum Deluxe models suitable for diesel and gas 4X4.
  • Aluminum 5mm wrought-road vehicles. The Bull Bar PR032 not only beautifies and enhances your vehicle but also facilitates mounting additional lights and communications antennas.
  • optimize strength in crashes
  • improve the capacity of crossing
  • ensures the smooth operation of the engine in case of impact
  • two attachment points for the resistant and stable fixation of important accessories (eg. Projectors, etc.)

Bull Bars minimize the damage caused following collisions with other vehicles or animals, protecting you and your passengers. Facilitate the crossing of obstacles in difficult terrain, provides adequate protection also reduces the risk of property in your vehicle in case of minor accidents.