The powerful tool for mechanical engineering

  1. For wheel fitting on trucks, screw joints in steel construction and mechanical engineering, as well as in tank and pipeline construction
  2. Auxiliary handle with backing pad that can be fitted in two positions for better handling
  3. Hanging hook for attaching to a balancer

Specification overview


Rated input power

800 W

Torque, max. (hard screw driving applications)

600 Nm

Torque, max. (soft screw driving applications)

300 Nm

Bit holder

3/4″ external square

Rated speed

950 rpm


5.7 kg

Tool dimensions (length)

416 mm

Tool dimensions (height)

436 mm

Screw driving


Screw diameter

max. M 24

Tightening screws and nuts of maximum permitted size


Vibration emission value ah

4 m/s²

Uncertainty K

0.5 m/s²