Scratch Repair and Renewal 207ml

For the permanent removal of small scratches, bumps and slight swirls. Leaves a shiny, reflective protective layer…

Description Turtle Wax 53167 Scratch Repair and Renewal 207ml

Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew with Heal & Seal is formulated with precision polishing technology to eliminate slight oxidation, minor scratches and swirls. New precision polishing ingredients eliminate common imperfections and slight swirls by hand or machine. These self-adjusting polishing ingredients allow anyone to use the product.

Brush all scratches with a microfibre cloth until the desired result is achieved. No worries about damaging the existing varnish or creating an uneven appearance. Turtle wax Scratch
& Swirl to repair Heal & Seal mixes with the existing lacquer during the repair. This formula is not a “camouflage”, the scratches are permanently erased. The fast polishing formula restores the paintwork and gives the car its new look by safely and easily removing dents from the surface, and then protects the surface with the advanced coating.

Turtle Wax Heal & Seal is ideal for all cars with hard or soft paint layers, including today’s clear, glossy paints. The polish can be used directly on scratches, or for general cleaning and oxidation removal. Its ultra-fine, polishing cells remove light stains and leave a bright, reflective shine. By hand or machine, the formula smoothes the surface of the paint to give it a vitreous sheen, leaving a high degree of long-lasting protection.

Use turtle wax to maintain the result. The formula provides precision cleaning that is also effective in restoring clarity to hard plastics. It is also the ideal product to eliminate oxidation of headlight and tail light lenses.


Net content: 207 ML Net weight (kg): 0.184