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Safety White Helmet BARTECK

Features & Benefits

  • Dimension: 54-64 cm
  • Color: red
  • Size: Standard Adjustable with cutting wheel B-RB40
  • Body material: Polyethylene high density
  • Lateral ventilator: to prevent perspiration
  • Frontal sponge: for comfort and absorption of perspiration
  • For adequate protection this helmet shall fit for or be adjusted to the size position of the user’s head
  • The helmet is made to absorb the energy of blow by partial destruction or damage to the shell and the harness and even though such damage may not be readily apparent, the helmet subjected to severe impact should be replaced.
  • The attention of user is also drawn to the danger of modifying or removing any of the original components parts of the helmet, other than as recommended by the helmet manufacturer. Helmets should not be adapted for the purpose of fitting attachments in any way not recommended by the helmet manufacturer. Do not apply paint, solvents, adhesives or self-adhesive labels, except in accordance with the instruction from the helmet manufacturer.