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Safety shoes Size 39 YATO

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    • TOLU S3 work shoe
    • Full grain leather upper, waterproof boots
    • Sturdy lacing handles allow proper lacing of shoes without risk of deterioration
    • Polyurethane sole, oil resistant, anti-electrostatic, non-slip, shock absorption under the heel
    • The puncture-resistant insole protects the foot against soil perforations with sharp elements with a maximum force of 1100 N
    • Impact-resistant steel tip with 200 J energy and bends up to 15 kn
    • Protection class S3, in accordance with the requirements of standard EN20345
    • Purpose / use
    • To protect the foot and leg from mechanical or chemical damage and the harmful effects of heat from cold or moisture
    • Settings
    • Category: s1p
    • Protection category: s1p
    • Weight [g]: 1550
    • Mechanical strength: 200 Joules
    • Material: leather
    • Size: 39
    • Black color