• 600A Peak Current, Start Petrol Cars 6.0L or Below, Start Diesel Cars 4.0L or Below


  • Start car engine in an emergency, also a high power supply for mobile phone, laptop and other electronic products
  • High Quality 4 LED Torch(4 LED all have light),Have "SOS model", fit for outdoors Help(turn on the power switch, long press 3S multi-function switch, the middle two LED will light up white light, then long press 3S multi-function switch turn off the it; Quickly click twice multi-function switch, the LED bright up blue and red light, you can change the flash mode by click once multi-function switch, Select the appropriate mode)
  • 4 USB to choose for fast charging.4 USB output 2A port for fast charging.8pin/30pin/Micro USB/Mini USB for choose.
  • Circuit Protection, Over-charge Protection, Overheat Protection.
  • With super long life span, durable and practical
  • Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery Technology, support fasht charging, low self-discharge.
  • 8 type laptop charging head for choose.
  • By using our 1x 4 in 1 usb line, you can charge 1x iphone or 1x Android phone at the same time without need waiting!
  • With safety hammer, Use it in an emergency.


  • Color                                                      : Green with black
  • Plug                                                         : UK Plug
  • Start Current                                            : 400A
  • Peak current                                            : 600A
  • Car boot voltage                                      : 12V
  • USB Output                                             : 5V 2.1A
  • Charger Mode                                         : CC/CV 12/15V 1A
  • Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity      : 89800 mah
  • Applicable temperature range                   : -20-60℃
  • Life                                                          : 3000 Times
  • Size                                                         : 18.5×8.6×3.8cm


  • 1x Laptop adapter
  • 1x Car charger
  • 1x Storage battery wire clip
  • 1x 4 in 1 mobile phone adapter
  • 1x Power adapter
  • 1x Product manual
  • 1x Plastic boxe vehicle repairs for emergency situations away from commercial power