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Battery SPARTA 50AH Maintenance free.

Reference: 48D26R MF MF N50

Length: 250mm

Width: 160mm

Height: 200mm

Total height: 220mm

Battery 12V 50AH SPARTA maintenance free, CCA 450


The Sparta Battery is an economic solution, suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles, trucks and other commercial vehicles with few energy consuming components. It provides dependable starting power and is maintenance free.

Advantages of the Sparta Battery

  • Maintenance free
  • High performance
  • Long service life
  • Good, reliable Sparta quality
  • Best solution for conversion of conventional range
  • Economic power supply
  • Minimized self-discharge rate
  • Strong performance against corrosion

Quality and reliability

Sparta batteries are built to start in virtually any outside temperature. Their innovative grid Technology also makes them resistant to high temperatures inside the engine chamber which Often exceed 100°C. At the same time, acid consumption and corrosion are minimized. This Translates into minimum self-discharge, tolerance Safety throughout their entire service life.