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Protect/Clean Cooling System


  • RADIATOR ANTI-RUST (MAG USA) – Net content :  335 ml
  • Contains water pump lubricant
  • Protects against rust & corrosion
  • Compatible with all Antifreeze
  • Radiator Anti-rust. MAG premium formula rust inhibitor and water pump lubricant prevents harmful corrosion and rust in any automotive cooling system.  Protects all metal parts including aluminum. Not harmful to any rubber parts.  Lubricates water pump seals. Avoid use in dirty radiators. Add contents to cooling system with engine off and cool. To heavy duty systems use one container for each 16 quart capacity. Run engine thoroughly to mix. Best results are obtained when cooling system is drained, flushed and refilled with fresh coolant. Contain flushed and refilled with fresh coolant.
  • Brand : MAG made in USA