This Dashboard Wax Spray keep the car dashboard surface looking like new, helps to scrub and restore your car’s dashboard. No need to worry about overspray, it wipes away cleanly, leaving no residue behind and only a fresh scent. It can increase surface glossiness and remove dirt.

Why Buy This Product?

·1-Step shine and protection
·Dry-touch with no greasy residue
·Cleans and prevents fading, cracking and drying on interior and exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl
·Use of a deep, rich shine on dashboards
·Layer on to amplify shine.


1. Shake well before use.
2. Spray evenly at a distance of 15-25 cm.
3. Gently mop the surface to reveal brightness and glossiness.


1. Safe on all Dashboards, Vinyl & Plastic Surfaces
2. Maintains High Gloss
3. Gives Protection and Long Lasting Shine to Vinyl, Leather and Dashboards
4. Protects from atmospheric oxidation and UV Rays

Capacity        :

450 ml

Item Number :


Color             :


State             :

Liquid Spray

Application    :

Vinyl, Leather, Dashboard