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Cargo lashings – 10000daN


Features & Benefits

  • This Is A Ratchet Lashing System Used For Securing Cargo Transportation, Shiftings and Storages. Mailny Used In Pipe Transportations, Big Volume Machinery Transports On Land and In Sea.
  • Ratchet Lashing Is A Reusable and Very Cost Effective Tie-Down Load Securing System, It Consists Of A  Polyester Webbing and A Ratchet Buckle. This System Has Replaced The Conventional Uncalculated and Costly Cargo Binding Methods Of Ropes, Chains And Wire Ropes.
  • The Ratchet Buckle Provides The Tensioning Force. The Tension Is Uniform And Locking Mechanism Ensures That The Tension Is Retained Till It Is Unlocked, Which Makes A Fast and Secure Locking Mechanism. Polyester Webbing Has The Least Of Elongation (Less Than 7 %) And Is Soft And Safe To Use With High Shock Absorbing Capacity (Up To 90%).
  • Break force              : 10000 daN  
  • Load capcity             : 5000 daN
  • Std. hand force       : 50 daN         
  • Std. tension force : 200 daN
  • Length                        : 10 meter     
  • Material                     : 100% Polyester
  • Hook                           : double J