This Spray Paint is a brilliant aerosol paint, clean colours, fastest dry time under 10 minutes, paint and primer durable adhesion, for indoor and outdoor projects with rust protection, can be used on metal, wood, plastic, wicker and more.
Why Buy This Product?
·This paint is specially formulated to create a smooth professional finish that really lasts! 
·For wood, metal, wicker, glass, and paper craft projects
·Permanent protection for bare and painted surfaces
·Elegant design and Finish, exceptional durability adhesion and smoothness
·360-degree dial spray tip

1. Clean surface thoroughly, removing all dirt, grease, oil, wax, dust, moisture etc. Cover adjacent areas to protect from spray mist. Use at room temperature up 70°F.
2. Shake can vigorously for about 30 seconds before spraying.
3. On previously painted surface test spray in a small inconspicuous area.
4. Hold the can 15-25cm from the surface to be sprayed.
5. Press spray button firmly with steady even strokes while moving can rapidly back and forth.
6. 2 to 3 films with 20-30µm thick are better. Intermittence of 10 minutes between each film is recommended.
7. After use, turn can upside down and depress valve button for several seconds to clear valve until only gas emerges so as to prevent clogging

1. Excellent coverage and adhesion
2. Rich colour and high lustre, better flexibility
3. Fast-drying and scratch-resistant
4. Excellent protection against rust, impact, UV etc
5. Will not fade or yellow
6. Super environmental protection


450 ml

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Liquid Spray


Wood, Metal, Plastic, Rubber Materials and etc.