This Carb & Choke Cleaner has an excellent penetration of the solubility can penetrate into the complex precision of the internal equipment, thoroughly clean the grease, dirt and oil on the metal parts surface.

Why Buy This Product?
Helps overcome hard starting, rough idling, stalling, and high exhaust emissions
Quickly removes deposits from the inside and outside of the carburetor to improve engine performance and fuel economy
Cleans gum, varnish, and dirt from clogged carburetors and choke valves
Effectively cleans unpainted metal parts and is quick drying


  1. Take off the air filter on carburettor, start the engine, keep idling.
  2. Shake well and install the red pipe into blow head.
  3. Spray (1/3) into float chamber of carburettor from balance hole, this part will flow to clean orifice and oil-way.
  4. Spray (1/3) into carburettor choke and inwall.
  5. Spray the rest into the external carburettor to clean the clay colloid.
  6. Clean after 5-6km or special maintenance.


  1. Dries quickly and leaves no residue
  2. Powerful blend of low VOC solvents
  3. Quickly removes varnish, gum and carbon deposits
  4. Removes sludge from carburetor and combustion chamber of gasoline engines



450 ml

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Liquid Spray


Carburettor, Choke, Metals