This Engine Degreaser is specifically formulated to remove tough grease and oil build-up on engines. This self-emulsifying formula penetrates deep into grease and oil to release it from the surface of your engine. 
Why Buy This Product?

  • Quickly and easily removes the toughest grease, dirt and grime
  • Heavy duty cleaning formula packed with powerful degreasing solvents
  • Requires no tools or special equipment
  • Inexpensive way to clean equipment


  • Engine must be off and cool.
  • Care must be taken with all underhood wiring and electronic sensors or components. Cover any open carburettor or intake system opens.
  • Cover exposed electrical and electronic components (uncovered cracked, frayed wires or engine computer units can short circuit).
  • Shake well and apply generously to dry engine.
  • Wipe with a wet cloth after 5 minutes.


  • Heavy-duty degreaser removes engine deposits
  • Clings to surfaces, Penetrates grease and oil
  • Eliminates baked-on grime and deposits
  • Fast acting, No scrubbing required

Capacity        :

650 ml

Item Number :


Color             :


State             :

Liquid Spray

Application    :

Car Engine Surface